Mint/16/NB/pansromantic/cool college kid soon/give me all ur games/ i love water and the sea They/them/their/they're Pronouns please!!

"Eh? Fruit, seriously!? Thanks but no thanks."

"...Tch, I ain't really into this kinda sweet junk food but yeah I'll take it. Thanks."

"Heh! Well you know what I like, I'll be takin' those, thanks!"

drag & drop
I'm just sayin joel, but you#re one of my favourite people on this planet. Please keep having fun with vidya gems, it's seriously nice to see/hear.


Thank you, knowing I make a lot of people happy makes me happy too. I may come across as a very fun-loving guy on stream and on the videos. But in reality I too feel down at times, like everybody. Streaming and knowing people enjoy what I do is something very surreal for me. I’m an underachiever in real life, I was never popular, I never won any contest or was in the spotlight for anything. I was never really good at anything. I was always known as a weird nerdy kid that enjoyed video games and had a very weird sense of humor.

Growing up friends came and went, sure they enjoyed hanging out with me, but I was always sloppy seconds in terms of who to hang out with. High school for me was a low point in my life, people always put labels on people and I received the unfortunate one of being labeled a social misfit and I was shunned as an outcast. I didn’t have anyone to talk to, I couldn’t identity with anyone and due to this I was bullied. I skipped a year of school and my parents divorced shortly thereafter. I moved to southern Sweden as a result of this. All my real friends was gone and what I was left with was essentially my guitar and passion for video games. I spent a lot of time practicing guitar to cope with my emotions at the time, after all music will always be there for you. It won’t shun you or betray you, it’ll always be there as a friend that offers comfort in times of need.

I later moved back to northern Sweden to finish my education, years later I had found Vinesauce, somehow people enjoyed the ramblings and antics of a Swedish guy that really had no idea what he was doing at first. Four years later a lot has happened, thousands of people have seen my clips on Youtube and gave enough of a fuck about me to watch me stream live. Could I ever imagine this back as a confused kid in high school? Never. I still don’t quite believe it, when people say I brighten their day or keep them going in tough times it makes me tear up a bit. I know, you wouldn’t think a metal-head guy like me would get that emotional over that, but I do. Knowing I offer some brightness for someone in dark times, I know that feeling is ever so important in times of need. So it really means the world to me when I know people come to me to have their day brightened.

So for everybody that has ever had my little videos or streams cheer them up, thank you so much. It means everything to me.


hi fucker


where  is  the  cheese





Becca’s fursona is black-and-bright-red




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Princess Tutu Promotional Video


For my anti sjw comic im gonna draw the sjw as someone who looks really annoying like…. A woman with short hair and hairy armpits, you know, like how an annoying person would look

You've caused me to weep, you've caused me to mourn
You caused me to lose my home