Mint/16/NB/pansromantic/cool college kid soon/give me all ur games/ i love water and the sea They/them/their/they're Pronouns please!!

"Eh? Fruit, seriously!? Thanks but no thanks."

"...Tch, I ain't really into this kinda sweet junk food but yeah I'll take it. Thanks."

"Heh! Well you know what I like, I'll be takin' those, thanks!"

drag & drop


Neo 1984,Cover for “Dark Fairytales” by TinHong

Victo Ngai

I am so happy I got to work on my first Chinese book cover with Hong Kong/Taiwan/Mainland China best-seller TinHong.

TinHong’s latest book, “Dark Fairytales” (Non orthodox translation of 黑童話集), is a compilation of 16 novelettes set in a fictional metropolitan called “H town”. The stories are based on real stories in Hong Kong, structured after Chinese and Western classics such as “1984” by George Orwell, “The Last Class” by Alphonse Daudet, A Poor Man’s Tale of a Patent’ by Charles Dickens, ‘差不多先生傳“by胡適.etc. These parodies poke fun and reflect on the society’s current maladies, corruptions and injustice in a sarcastic and darkly-humorous way. 

For the cover, TinHong asked me to freely follow my inspiration. This was awesome and quite rare for book cover jobs. So I decided to make a piece about “H-Town” in a neo”1984”way.

Big thanks to TinHong for being an A+ author, art director, publisher and the ultra-delicious care-package!


I was playing twdg yesterday and as it was playing the “next time on the walking dead” it froze and kenny was stuck smiling at me for about 7 minutes it was kinda intimidating holy shit

Every Minecraft youtuber ever


*Dubstep intro, animated pickaxes fly across the screen*
"Hey guys this is MinecraftGuy49Xx and this is episode 452 of Minecraft Hunger Games. Let’s get started! Ok so I got a wooden swo-OHMYGODTHERESAGUYWOAAAAAAHHHHHAHHHHH- Ok I killed him. So this is my spade named spady, he’s the one running joke so I have so you can tell me apart from the millions of other Minecraft LP-ers. Oh look I died, like and subscribe.”


never let this die


i like clem’s jacket design in s2 its v cute and also fits twdg v well but, it should have been massive and big and ridiculously puffy. that would be adorable. and i mean why not? it was supposed to be a skiing jacket



when you’re stuck in a car for 6 hours with only a hotel paperpad and a pencil at your disposal you get desperate

attention non-english speakers who have struggled to find gender neutral pronouns


there is a very good compilation of gender neutral pronouns in a variety of different languages that can be found here! it’s really helpful and a lot of thought and help has gone into it from people who speak these as their native language! i definitely recommend you go check it out


Clothing swap between best friends

Clem and Sarah look pretty cute, Kenny’s not half bad but Kenny’s clothes on Lee look a bit trashy. Sorry Lee, blame Kenny on that.






Strange Marine Creature

This strange creature was filmed underwater by drillers in the deep ocean. It is called Deepstaria enigmatica. It looks like an underwater dementor.


i dont believe in it

i dont want to believe in it

yoooo that blanket has dicks