Mint/16/NB/pansromantic/cool college kid soon/give me all ur games/ i love water and the sea They/them/their/they're Pronouns please!!

"Eh? Fruit, seriously!? Thanks but no thanks."

"...Tch, I ain't really into this kinda sweet junk food but yeah I'll take it. Thanks."

"Heh! Well you know what I like, I'll be takin' those, thanks!"

drag & drop

let me write episode 5 i know what im doing

if telltale plans to kill off mike or bonnie then ill break into their studio and tear up all the episode 5 plans


person: so what season 2 characters do you like





Take a few seconds and listen to how pleasant a dove coo is. :3 

awww what a precious feathery fluffyboo :’)

episode 4 of the walking dead game never happened !! everyone else is still escaping carver, what do you mean sarita is in trouble what are you talking about!!!!!!!!!