Mint/16/NB/pansromantic/cool college kid soon/give me all ur games/ i love water and the sea They/them/their/they're Pronouns please!!

"Eh? Fruit, seriously!? Thanks but no thanks."

"...Tch, I ain't really into this kinda sweet junk food but yeah I'll take it. Thanks."

"Heh! Well you know what I like, I'll be takin' those, thanks!"

drag & drop



(9.23.14) — Another morning in Amerikkka. Somebody thought it would be fun to desecrate the Mike Brown Memorial early this morning. I… I really can’t even. #staywoke #farfromover


Here’s a picture of some cops watching the memorial burn although there seemed to be no police at the scene when the fire department arrived.


The Mother series is full of surreal events, but nothing will ever be stranger to me than Teddy joining your party. Teddy is an alcoholic, chain-smoking gang leader who’s in his late-teens or early-twenties, yet he decides the best way to avenge his parents’ deaths is to tag along with a bunch of twelve-year-olds. While Ninten is having a childish adventure with his cute lil’ baseball bat, he’s followed by this man who goes around stabbing enemies with a knife.


when there’s drama between 2 of your mutuals on your dash



heteronormative robots and aliens: why


Shigesato Itoi makes an earnest request of players in a pre-release commercial for his 1989 Famicom game, Mother. It’s good advice!

Photograph by Emily Berl